Make the Day Blooming Beautiful with These Best Mother’s Day Plant Gifts


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These best Mother’s Day plant gift ideas will brighten your Mom’s day as well as her home!! A traditional bouquet of flowers is great, but you might also consider surprising her with a long-lasting and meaningful plant gift!

We’re excited to share these Mother’s Day plant gift ideas from lush houseplants to beautiful trees, fragrant herb gardens and all the plant accessories too! And, if you want to gift her a bouquet, we’ve found some great Groupons to help you save money!

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These Best Mother’s Day Plant Gifts

Plants make great Mother’s Day gift ideas! It’s quite common to give Mom a hanging planter for Mother’s Day, but why not get a little more creative this year? Here are a few benefits a well thought out plant for Mother’s Day can provide!

  • Indoor plants help purify the air as the beautify the space.
  • Fruit trees provide delicious and healthy produce to enjoy year round.
  • Succulents and cacti are super low maintenance and have such a fun, unique appearance.
  • An herb garden means always having fresh herbs on hand for cooking.

If you’re looking for the best mother’s day plant gift ideas, this list of unique indoor and outdoor plants, including trees, shrubs, unique and hard-to-find house plants, plus garden plants and all the accessories will help you find the absolutely perfect plant to give your mother this year.

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Easy Planter Ideas for Mother’s Day

In addition to the plant gift ideas we’re presenting here, it’s also fun to put together your own planters too! Here are some of our favorite creative ways to make a fun planter to give to your favorite ladies.

We love easy planter ideas. For my inspiration, I just walked around my little homestead and looked for things I already had. Here are my favorite things to use as planters – and they all make great mother’s day gifts!

Watering Can planter

Steel Watering Can

I wouldn’t leave flowers in there full time because I’d rather use the watering can, but it makes a nice vessel in which to put a pretty flower! I had a nice one that was run over last year (whomp!) so I picked this one up at Menards. But Amazon has a beautiful steel watering can too available on Amazon Prime for $25.

Terra Cotta Pots

hey make lovely planters and come in all sizes. I love herbs and flowers in these lovely beauties.

Steel Tubs & Pails

this year I made a nice little herb garden out of small steel buckets we used one year as Easter Buckets. I also have bigger steel tubs that I’ve turned into planters of all sorts too. These tubs and pails aren’t really made as planters, so add rocks to the bottom and consider poking drainage holes in them too.

6 Easy Mother's Day Planter Ideas


Aren’t pallets awesome? Super versatile and fun! I turned a pallet into a really pretty display last year by adding decorative mason jars too it. Pallets are often free for the taking too if you ask!

Succulents in jars

Wooden Boxes

I’ve got lots of little wooden boxes around my homestead. At one point, I used them to collect raw milk jars in, but I don’t get raw milk anymore. It just turned into too much trouble. But I love these wooden boxes. They made great displays when they’re full of plants.

Mason Jars

Succulents, herbs, little flowers – they all look great in Mason jars! You can pick up these jars at garage stores, Goodwill, and Amazon too. Or get them from your grandma! I have thousands and love them all.

They come in blue, green, purple, clear! You can’t go wrong with Mason jars. Since jars don’t drain either, you’ll want to put rocks in the bottom of them as well!

If you want to go beyond the planter this year, here’s a huge list of mother’s day plant ideas we think are the perfect way to honor your mom.

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Blooming Beautiful Mother's Day Plant Gifts

Give the gift of plants, greenery and supplies for growing to your Mom or mother figure for a blooming beautiful Mother's Day!

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  1. Oh my gosh, these are all such inspiring ideas, Michelle! I love them – especially the succulents in the jars and box 😉

  2. I swear you are the Iowa version of my younger self. Mason jars, pallets, kids in the garden and lots of wooden boxes. I still have some pallets and mason jars I reuse and repurpose. I love how you suggest using them. I never thought about plants in mason jars. The pallet board planter is really cute and so are the watering cans and bucket ideas. So many ways we can show our moms we love them. I always voted for help in the garden too 🙂

  3. Love all of these ideas! I always take my mother-in-law shopping for all of her garden plants and annuals as her Mother’s Day gift. I should make her a new planter from one of your ideas to go along with this year!