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6 Easy Planter Ideas for Mother’s Day

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Happy Tuesday! And welcome to another installment of the Tuesdays in the Garden! Today my gardening friends and I are sharing garden related ideas that will make the perfect Mother’s Day Gifts!

Mother's Day Planter Ideas

Easy Planter Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to think about flowers and gardening. One of my favorite gifts to receive for Mother’s Day is help in my garden. Since the day usually falls around the frost free date for my zone 5b, I usually get a lot of help in my garden that day, planting, mulching, weeding.

6 Easy Mother's Day Planter Ideas

But it’s also fun to give gifts of plants on Mother’s Day too, and I love these easy planter ideas that I’ve put together for you! For my inspiration, I just walked around my little homestead and looked for things I already had. Here are my favorite things to use as planters – and they all make great mother’s day gifts!

Watering Can planter

    • Steel Watering Can – I wouldn’t leave flowers in there full time because I’d rather use the watering can, but it makes a nice vessel in which to put a pretty flower! I had a nice one that was run over last year (whomp!) so I picked this one up at Menards. But Amazon has a beautiful steel watering can too available on Amazon Prime for $25.
    • Terra Cotta Pots – they make lovely planters and come in all sizes. I love herbs and flowers in these lovely beauties.
    • Steel tubs & pails – this year I made a nice little herb garden out of small steel buckets we used one year as Easter Buckets. I also have bigger steel tubs that I’ve turned into planters of all sorts too. These tubs and pails aren’t really made as planters, so add rocks to the bottom and consider poking drainage holes in them too.
    • Pallets – Aren’t pallets awesome? Super versatile and fun! I turned a pallet into a really pretty display last year by adding decorative mason jars too it. Pallets are often free for the taking too if you ask!

Succulents in jars

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Michelle Marine is the author of How to Raise Chickens for Meat, a long time green living enthusiast and rural Iowa mom of four. An avid traveler, Michelle has lived on three different continents and has driven all four kids across the entire USA (by herself!). She loves sharing farm-to-table recipes, their family travel adventures, and gardening and homesteading tips on her popular lifestyle blog, SimplifyLiveLove.com.


  1. blankDiane says

    I swear you are the Iowa version of my younger self. Mason jars, pallets, kids in the garden and lots of wooden boxes. I still have some pallets and mason jars I reuse and repurpose. I love how you suggest using them. I never thought about plants in mason jars. The pallet board planter is really cute and so are the watering cans and bucket ideas. So many ways we can show our moms we love them. I always voted for help in the garden too 🙂

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