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11 Free Catalogs for the Organic Gardener & Homesteader

Free homestead catalogs help me make it through the winter. If you’re looking for seed and homestead supply catalogs, here’s a list of 11 Free Catalogs for the Organic Gardener & Homesteader.11 free catalogs for the organic gardener and homesteader © Irina Burakova | Dreamstime.com

So, I’m not spending in any money in January – but I am drooling over a few catalogs and making my list for February. I’ve already made my initial seed purchase {more on that soon!} but I have a few gaps to fill in still so I’m still reading my seed catalogs.

We’re also getting chickens for the first time ever this spring, so I’ve requested free chicken catalogs, too. And I’m trying to get my game plan on for dealing with garden pests organically.

Reading seed and gardening catalogs teaches me so much and I thought you might like to order free catalogs too! So I put together a list of the catalogs I ordered this year! 🙂

11 Free Homestead Catalogs for the Organic Gardener & Homesteader (and more…)

free seed catalogs

Seeds ~

Chickens ~

Farming ~

These are the catalogs I’ve requested! What did I miss? What catalogs do you recommend? 

I’m adding more catalog links as people bring them to my attention!

And, Linda, at MyWAHMPlan, has a list with some different catalogs on her her blog, too. You can see her post here.



  1. I Michelle, I can over to find the link to the Bear Creek catalog you suggested on Instagram and saw that you linked to my list of catalogs. Thank you! Now I'm going to have to break my goal of keeping my catalogs to only 4 per year- but it looks like it will be worth it. I'm going to link to your post as well. Have a happy day!
  2. Someday I'd really like to have my own garden. They just seem so peaceful and relaxing. I can only imagine the tranquility and refreshing feeling it can bring. Someday...
  3. I so want to get out in the garden and start working but it's just been way to wet here. I think I request a few catalogs to keep me busy. :) Thanks for sharing this list.
  4. I've always wanted to start an organic garden but I don't know much about it. I started my first garden ever about 3 years ago and it did pretty well. I guess the magazines would probably be a good place as any to start! Thanks for sharing.
  5. I always get my chicks from Murray McMurray! They arrive happy, peeping and healthy! In all these years I have never lost a chick in shipping:)
  6. Love to garden, I grew only tomatoes this summer and my yellow pear tomatoes have gone wild well over 8 feet tall and growing like a vine and producing still tons of tomatoes. My husband says I just love them in excess. Because he has had to use shepherds plants rods to stake them up ..... That is true too!!!
  7. I recommend Cackle Hatchery for mail order chickens. I’ve literally only lost 1 out of 45 in transit. I also recommend their Buff Orphingtons or Easter Eggers. Both are calm & friendly breeds and highly productive. Cackle is spot on for their sexing.

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