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How to Freeze Carrots & 4 More Ways to Preserve Them

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I love to freeze carrots I grow in my garden. Frozen, sliced carrots are wonderful to add to sauces and soups all winter long. Here’s not only how to freeze them, but four more ways to preserve carrots as well!

How to freeze fresh carrots, plus 4 more ways to Preserve them too!

How to Preserve a Bumper Crop of Carrots, 5 Ways

1. Freeze Carrots –

slice carrots quickly and easily with a food processor

Freezing carrots is really easy and is my preferred method to preserve this delicious veggie.  To freeze, simply slice the carrots, then blanch them for 1-2 minutes, shock with cold water, pack and freeze. Easy peasy. Especially since I used my 11 cup Cuisinart Food Processor to do the slicing. I froze mine in 2 cup portions and they’ll be great for winter soups or quick side dishes! They’re so sweet and tasty!

slice carrots for freezing

To freeze your own carrots, I recommend using a food processor to slice your clean carrots. I always peel mine too because they look a little straggly coming out of my garden, but if you grow beautiful carrots, feel free to skip the peeling. I absolutely love my Zyliss veggie peeler. I have used many different peelers over the years, but the Zyliss version is my favorite! Such an awesome peeler for less than $10 on Amazon. By the way, if purchase anything from Amazon, you help support this blog at no cost to you and you earn my eternal gratitude!

boil carrots

Bring a pot of water to boil while you prepare your carrots. Once the water has reached a hard boil, add the carrots and bring the water back to boil. Blanch the carrots for two minutes. I really like to use my Cuisinart 8 quart stockpot with strainer. Using a strainer makes draining so easy! I picked up this set at Costco a few years ago and love every pot in the set. You can get the same set on Amazon, too.

cool carrots in ice cold water

Now shock the carrots by draining the hot water and adding ice cold water. It’s super easy to drain them if you cook them in the strainer. Then to drain them again, I simply dump them back in the same strainer they cooked in!

dry carrots as best you can by putting them on a towel

Now dry your carrots as best you can by dumping them on a towel. Make sure all the ice is gone.

measure, bag, and freeze

Measure them out and put them in freezer baggies. I freeze mine in 2 cup portions. Label, freeze (make sure to squeeze as much air as possible out of the baggie), and enjoy your carrots all winter long.

Here are 4 more ways you can preserve carrots too!

How to Preserve a Bumper Crop of Carrots - table full of garden fresh carrots from SimplifyLiveLove.com

2. Pressure Can –

I think canned carrots are absolutely beautiful, but I don’t have a pressure cooker. I used my mother’s last year for the first time ever when canning her tomatoes, but I don’t have my own. Ball has a standard canned carrots tutorial that I plan to follow if I ever have a pressure cooker and carrots at the same time.

3. Water Bath Can –

Marisa from Simple Bites has the tutorial I plan to follow for pickling carrots. I like the idea of pickling them over canning because this can be done in a water bath canner instead of a pressure canner. My sister has requested canned pickled carrots for Christmas! I might be able to accommodate. 😀

Have you ever heard of canning cole slaw? I hadn’t until recently, but I found a recipe at Chickens in the Road. I’m intrigued by the idea, but turned off by the amount of sugar in the recipe. I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m considering doing so.

How to Preserve a Bumper Crop of Carrots bowl of canned carrots from SimplifyLiveLove.com

4. Freeze in meals –

I like to make homemade eggrolls {which I show you here in this really old blog post with HORRIBLE pictures..} – well, I like the filling part, not so much all of the work involved in making the whole eggrolls. I made a huge batch of homemade eggroll filling and froze for another quicker meal. It tastes great over rice, or rolled in lettuce leaves, and of course, having the filling already prepared simplifies the process of making eggrolls for a future date! You could also make a huge lasagna or a big batch of wonderful pasta sauce to freeze! The possibilities are endless and leave you with wonderful freezer meals to enjoy on a later date.


5. Store them in the fridge –

Carrots actually keep for quite a long time in the fridge (up to three months) if they’re properly prepared. Before I put my carrots in the fridge, I let them harden outside for 24 hours. Then, I cut the green leafy tops off my carrots and finally, put them in a plastic bag {a grocery store bag}. Controlling the moisture content is key if you want them to keep the longest. It won’t take us too long to use up these carrots, and they’ll be long gone way before three months is up. You can read more information about storing carrots in the fridge (and root cellar if you have one) here.

How to Preserve a Bumper Crop of Carrots from SimplifyLiveLove

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Tuesdays in the Garden

As promised, here are more recipes for preserving your garden bounty from the Tuesdays in the Garden Gang!! All of these ideas look delicious and I hope you will check them out.

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What do you do with your carrots? I’d love more ideas – because I’m planting more in my fall garden. Please share your ideas!


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  1. blankmichelle says

    I canned them last year for the first time . They came out really soft and broke apart really easy. This year I think I am sticking to the freezer method.

  2. blankJessica says

    I made the canned coleslaw last year when we had a bumper crop of cabbage. I cut the sugar way back and my family still liked it.

  3. blankCarole West @ Garden Up Green says

    My carrots are still in the ground, I’m thinking this weekend it might be time to dig them up. Your girls are cute looks like they had fun! I love it when parents include their children in the garden, teaching skills that last a lifetime is a beautiful thing!

  4. blankShelly says

    I have a pressure canner but I haven’t tried making canned carrots yet. My husband can’t stand cooked carrots so I don’t store up many of them, we usually just eat them fresh out of the garden.

  5. blankJami says

    I’ve never had enough carrots to need to preserve them, ha! I do get asked about freezing them all the time, so I’ll send them your way. 🙂

  6. blankDiane Williams says

    Back in the day I actually canned with my grandma’s pressure canner. Then it warped and I went to water bathing. I have canned carrots but we didn’t really like them all that much. We prefer them fresh.

    My eyes are lighting up though at the thought of freezing them! My new food processor is coming today. I think i might have to break it in on freezing carrots!

    I also have your pots and pans. My kids bought me the set and I love Love LOVE it! the strainers are endlessly useful!

  7. blankAndrea says

    I have preserved garden treats before, but haven’t ever frozen carrots! I sadly don’t have a garden, but I if I find a good sale on carrots, I will for sure be trying this!

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