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25 Canning Recipes You Will Love this Summer

Are you looking for canning recipes to preserve your garden bounty? There are so many reasons to can your own delicious foods, we’ve put together a list of canning recipes we know you will love!

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Harvest time will be here before you know it!

The Farmer’s Market, grocery stores and our own garden are bursting with fresh, nutritious foods!  Since all these delicious foods are seasonally available and my family wants to eat them year round I’m taking the time to do some canning for winter.


25 Canning Recipes You’ll Love this Summer

Do you love fresh picked corn on the cob?  What about strawberry jam smeared on buttery, fresh baked biscuits in the middle of winter?  Hate how winter strawberries are hollow? Have you noticed that it takes spending more and more on your food bill to feed your family?

Canning your own fruits and veggies gets rid of all those issues!  And, it is easy and very affordable to do especially when that money can go to buying things you don’t have the space to grow like wheat, rice, coffee and most important; wine.

Benefits to Canning Fresh Fruits and Vegetables 

You’ll have fresh tasting strawberry jam bursting with summer flavor and the corn will be tender and perfect.  Plus you won’t have to worry about expensive, out of season produce that simply doesn’t have the flavor or nutrition you want to feed your family.

There are a few more benefits too.  No more wasted food and quicker meals.  Since canned food is precooked by the canning process, you really only heat things up at dinner time. You choose the jar sizes and can in jars sized right to feed your family. 

But, the one thing I really enjoy is knowing that when those winter storms hit you’ll not have to worry about power outages from the electric or even from low cloud cover for days that drains your solar batteries. 

You won’t have to worry about your freezers thawing and food thrown to the animals since it will all be safely canned and on your shelves through even the darkest of storms.

Don’t forget to get your canning supplies ready! Last year we had a really hard time finding lids when it was time to can. And I still haven’t seen many of the lids at the big box stores where I’m used to buying them! I recommend buying them now incase they become hard to find again:

Ready to get your canning list ready? Make sure to save this post so you can easily find the recipes you want to try when your produce is ready for canning!

Canning Recipes To Preserve The Summer Harvest

These delicious recipes will help you put your garden bounty by - so you can enjoy it all year long. Many of the recipes are family secrets! We hope you enjoy this list of canning ideas!

What fruit and veggies do you enjoy canning for winter?  Or, is this the first time you will can your summer harvest?

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